Seattle Intellectual Property Law Firm Jensen & Puntigam

Founded in 1975, Jensen & Puntigam has many years of experience in the field of intellectual property, with considerable emphasis on counseling business owners. We serve the patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property legal needs of enterprises from large corporations and universities to start-up entrepreneurial companies, to individual inventors and artists.

Many of our clients have grown substantially in size over the years. The economic advantage gained for our clients by our successfully obtaining patent, trademark and copyright protection has permitted them to compete successfully in both U.S. and international markets. Our experience in litigation and licensing facilitates the enforcement and exploitation of those patent, copyright and trademark rights. Creativity and commitment to the intellectual property interests of our clients is a continuing objective of our firm.

Our practice has grown and developed by providing our clients with prompt, reliable and professional legal advice and service, with emphasis on a strong attorney-client relationship. Please contact us for consultation on your intellectual property matters and visit the remaining portions of our website for additional information.